My Mental Health Journey

Hello, I Am Jennifer Nevel!

Welcome to Bettering Now, based in Newburgh, NY. This practice has been a lifetime in the making. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to help others and make a difference in the world. Out of college, I became an educator as a way to impact other’s lives. While I am still in the education world, life as we know it tends to take us in many different directions, some that we never plan for and can’t even imagine how we will ever survive. My own personal journey and struggles led me to continue to educate myself, but outside the education world and in the world of mental health and personal growth.

Out of darkness…

We all have days where life can feel overwhelming and we don’t “feel like ourselves”. My darkest days lasted for more than 14 years. I cannot tell you why or how my depression began but it absolutely had the most significant impact on mine and my family’s lives. The professionals called it Treatment Resistant Depression because every kind of treatment we tried did not keep me stable for any specific length of time.

Feeling alone, ashamed, and like nothing would be able to save me from wanting to end my own life, I decided I needed to look outside of the medical world to try to find something that would help alleviate this emptiness inside. This is where my own personal growth journey began. Of course I would never advise anyone to stop medical treatment because I am not a medical professional. This is just part of my own personal journey that has gotten me to where I am today, a person who is living a life that I am beyond grateful for, because in all reality at one point in time I did not want any life at all.

…Comes Greatness

Timeline Therapy has forever changed my life for the better. Having gone through the process myself, I have gained self confidence, learned to create healthy boundaries for myself, make peace with the past, and heal trauma that I could not release through typical therapy. Timeline Therapy has allowed me to put my fears aside and go for whatever I want in life. It has allowed me to embrace my authentic self and live life on my own terms. I have gained a new perspective on life and I am living a life I am passionate about. The change I saw in myself was so powerful that it led me to take the next steps to get trained to assist others in living their best lives.